November 2020 Legal Report

There are topics that we repeatedly write about in the Legal Report, and there is a very good reason for this.  When we see many of the same mistakes or issues over and over again, it becomes apparent that these become the topics worth reminding the members about, so they can avoid these issues in… Read More

October 2020 Legal Report

To say that it has been a tough year on many fronts would be a total understatement.  From pandemics to protests to the general battles that members are always facing, 2020 will go down as probably the most trying year in most of our lives.  Coming in to any year, most people face the upcoming… Read More

September 2020 Legal Report

It has certainly been an interesting year to say the least.  Between a pandemic and societal upheaval, the world as we knew it was thrown for an entire loop through the better part of 2020.  However, with all that has gone on in this crazy year, the world of disability law has continued to flow… Read More

April 2020 Legal Report

Given the recent outbreak of COVID-19, there has understandably been a great deal of concern in the public regarding exposure and contracting the disease.  That is true for all members of society including public employees, as well as private sector workers such as those who work in our offices.  In general, governmental agencies, the media,… Read More