Group & Private Long-Term Pensions/Union Disability Pensions

When you just no longer continue to work, count on your disability insurance lawyer to secure the benefits you deserve.


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Group Long-Term Disability


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It's important to receive competent assistance as soon as you become disabled, in order to maximize the benefits you receive from your group long term disability package. In recent years, it has become increasingly more difficult to obtain LTD benefits, particularly "Group LTD" benefits. Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada can help you avoid the cost, delay, and suffering that may result from repeated unsuccessful attempts to claim disability insurance without competent legal advice.

The best time to get legal help is before you file your disability insurance claim. Mr. Heiman has dealt with almost every LTD carrier. He knows how policy provisions are interpreted and what evidence is needed to win LTD claims.  Mr. Heiman stays current in the rapidly advancing developments in this area of law. He has prepared hundreds of successful claims for a wide variety of clients including doctors, teachers, executives, business people and even other lawyers.

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