Eric Larkin, Lic. Rep.

Eric C. Larkin is a representative licensed by the Social Security Administration to represent claimants and handle Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. Eric handles all aspects of Social Security claims from the initial consultation to hearings before an Administrative Law Judge, as well as appeals before the Appeals Council. Eric joined the firm in 2016 as the Supervisor of the Health Care Provider Bill Recovery Unit, which entailed working directly with a variety of health care providers to recover payment from insurance carriers for disputed Workers’ Compensation and No-Fault medical bills. Prior to joining FBR, Eric worked for nine years as a paralegal handling No-Fault arbitration cases.

Eric graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in History, and is currently in the process of attaining a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a specialization in Public Sector Inspection and Oversight from City University of New York John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Eric works vigourously to be a strong advocate for his clients, and proudly represents each of his clients with dedication and sincerity throughout the entirety of the arduous process. Although Eric represents a wide variety of clients, he proudly represents many members of the FDNY, Local 638 steamfitters, and TWU Local 100 transit workers. Eric’s compassionate and considerate interaction with each of his clients as well as his zealous representation on his client’s behalf makes him a vital component of the firm’s Social Security Disability Department.

Eric Larkin, Lic. Rep.

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Just wanted to say a few words on behalf of the hard work and care that Eric gave us throughout the long, arduous process that is Social Security Disability.

Eric was always helpful, even tempered and sometimes just a calming voice that I needed to hear while battling multiple set backs and operations caused by my throat cancer.

There were many moments of grief and despair from just the financial part that makes going through something like this much more difficult. He was always our voice when dealing with the red tape and B.S. of SSD.

Eric was professional, always kind and considerate to us throughout the almost two-year ordeal and I just wanted to say thank you to him and mention what a person of character Eric is and you all should be proud he is representing your firm in this manner.

We sent a few other people to your firm and will continue to do so in the future..

Thanks again !

Thomas M.

The attorney diligently assembled the medical evidence and skillfully presented it. The attorney played a large part in establishing the claimant’s disability.

Social Security Judge

I recommend awarding a fee of $15,000.00. The attorney diligently assembled the medical evidence and skillfully presented it. The attorney played a large part in establishing the claimant’s disability.

Administrative Law Judge

We just want to thank you Joh Broome for all of his hard work and diligence in handling my mom’s WC case. Your firm and team have been top notch through the years and we really appreciate all the effort.

A. Jaramillo

Having lived in the legal profession for 30+ years, I can say with certainty that not all lawyers are created equal. Truth be told, some lawyers not only lead with experience, they lead with their heart. Standing beside such lawyers is a wonderful group of attorneys, paralegals, secretaries and support staff and together they assist their clients by providing an excellent knowledge of the law, compassion and determination to get the job done. To say that this describes Victor Fusco and the amazing team of people who work at Fusco Brandenstein and Rada, P.C. is an understatement. A member of my family recently had the rug pulled out from under his feet– upon learning such news I sought a referral from a colleague who put us in touch with Victor. Not only did Victor personally take my call he and his wonder team immediately jumped into action and helped to make a very difficult emotional process easy and achieved an outstanding result. To say that we are forever grateful feels inadequate. It is our sincere hope that if you are in need of an excellent lawyer to represent you – you will contact Victor.

Angela P.
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