How Is Social Security Disability Calculated in New York?

Life’s unforeseen challenges lead many New Yorkers to seek Social Security disability benefits. But even after successfully applying for benefits, calculating how much you will receive involves complex, arcane formulas. It’s no surprise many people wonder how the Social Security Administration calculates disability benefits. At [firm-name], our New York disability lawyers believe everyone has the right to clear explanations of…

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Will Pre-Existing Conditions Affect My Police Disability Pension?

When it comes to disability pensions for law enforcement officers, the presence of pre-existing conditions can raise important questions. If you’re curious about how your pre-existing condition could affect your eligibility for a police disability pension, look no further for answers. Police Disability Pensions: a Brief Overview Police disability pensions provide financial support to law enforcement officers who cannot perform…

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Last Updated : September 29, 2023