What You Need to Know About Your New York State Disability Pension Claim

You probably served the people of New York State for years. Unfortunately, you were injured while carrying out your duties. As a result, you can’t work anymore. You still have to maintain your livelihood even though you’re now disabled. This is where New York disability pension benefits step in to support you after your many… Read More

What You Need to Know About Your Police Disability Claim

If you are a police officer, you have one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. Every day, your work has the potential to put you at serious risk of injury. If, while in the line of duty, you suffer a significant injury that prevents you from performing your job fully, it is important to take… Read More

Our Police Disability History

In 1988, the newly elected president of the PBA, Gary DelaRaba, brought a brilliant and innovative concept to lawyering for police unions. DelaRaba decided that he would hire expert law firms that concentrated their practice in a particular specialty, rather than have one firm to handle all the union’s business. After conducting an extensive vetting… Read More

Last Updated : October 31, 2022