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Since 1978, the law firm of Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C. has helped many victims of accidents and negligence secure valuable awards to compensate them for their injuries.

If you are ever injured in an accident of any kind, call us. Our associate trial attorneys will counsel you, handle your dealings with the insurance company and vigorously represent you in any litigation that may ensue.

Perhaps you’ve been in an accident and think it was, “all your own fault.” Don’t be so sure! Often, accidents are not caused by one person, but rather by a combination of factors. You may have been driving, following the speed limit, and gotten into a fender bender. However, if the car explodes or catches fire as a result, the damages caused by that incident may be separate from the ones sustained in the initial fender bender. Perhaps there was a design defect. Our trial attorneys are specially trained in determining the proper course of litigation.

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    Negligence Accidents

    “Negligence” occurs when a person fails to act within the bounds of “responsible” behavior. For example, if someone is driving while talking on a cell phone and not paying attention to their driving, thereby causing an auto accident, he or she could be charged with negligence. Our trial attorneys are adept in helping you recover the maximum available under the law. Our personal injury lawyers handle hundreds of auto accident cases every year.

    We understand how difficult it is when, because of an injury, you no longer can enjoy the normal activities of daily living. We also understand it’s hard to make ends meet when, following an accident, you cannot work or provide for your family. That is why we handle cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if and when you get a monetary award.

    When there are personal injuries involved in an accident, it pays to speak with an attorney who will have your interests at heart.

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