NYC & State Disability Pensions

When your job puts you at risk or you're too ill to work, disability pensions can help you make ends meet.


Physical therapist helps young patient out of wheelchair.

Do you work for the State of New York, or are you employed by a county, town, or village government?

Any worker can unexpectedly become disabled by an accident or sudden or chronic illness. One of the benefits of Civil Service Employment is the availability of disability pensions for workers who become disabled from work due to either an injury or sickness.

The agencies that administer these plans don't make it easy. There are various types of disability pensions available to disabled workers, depending upon an employee's length of service (Tier), the manner in which the disability occurred, and the type of employment engaged in.

We know the New York disability pension law as it applies to the facts of your case; we know when you need to file and what you have to prove. We will educate you and your doctors about the type of information the City and State Retirement Systems require. We also handle administrative hearings and appeals and court proceedings.

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