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A dedicated Workers’ Compensation lawyer can get you the disability benefits you urgently need.

We've helped scores of injured workers obtain valuable ongoing Workers' Compensation benefits for industrial injuries as well as occupational diseases.

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Occupational Diseases

We all get sick from time to time. No one is immune from the common diseases which effect everyone, regardless of what he or she does for a living. However, there are some health conditions which can be caused by the type of work people do.

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The law defines an "occupational disease" as "a disease resulting from the nature of employment and contracted therein." For a disease to be considered occupational, there has to be a recognizable link between the sickness and the work performed. More often than not, occupational diseases have to do with exposure to certain types of dusts, gases, fluids, solvents, and pollutants on the job.

An example of an occupational diseases relating to dust is “bakers’ asthma.” After many years of breathing in fine flour dust particles, many bakers form a type of asthma caused by the settling of the particles in  the lungs, causing breathing difficulty.

Sandhogs, the workers who clear out underground tunnels, are susceptible to lung disease from exposure to fine sand particles, called “silicosis.” They are also susceptible to compressed air disease or “caisson’s disease.” Workers who clean out old buildings may get exposed to asbestosis and come down with debilitating or even fatal lung diseases. Not all occupational diseases are necessarily related to exposure. Some evolve from overuse of certain muscle groups. Classic is “Dupuytren’s contracture” which affects the hands of people who use vibrating tools such as jackhammers and drills. After many years of use, the tendons in the hand become rigid and it interferes with their ability to use their hands.

In occupations with continual exposure to loud noise, loss of hearing can result, which is considered an occupational disease. In addition, there's “carpal tunnel syndrome”, which affects people who perform repetitive tasks with their wrists.

Not all doctors are familiar with every occupational disease. New York workers’ compensation laws have strict guidelines that employees and their doctors must follow to establish occupational disease claims.

If you or someone you know has become ill or disabled and you suspect it might be due to a particular work activity or exposure, it pays for you to consult an attorney who deals with occupational disease cases. Our law firm concentrates in Worker's Compensation law and Social Security Disability insurance claims. Not only can we advise you, we can give you the names of doctors and clinics that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of occupational diseases.

Even if you think the connection between the work and a particular disease may be difficult to prove, contact us. The consultation is free, but the advice can be extremely valuable. It may just change your life!

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9/11 & Zadroga Claims

As a natural extension of the work we have done with victims and responders of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks, our firm also handles compensation claims through the James Zadroga World Trade Center Victims' Compensation Act.

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The Zadroga Act allows for victims, responders, volunteers, and other members of the public who were harmed and injured as a result of the attacks to claim compensation for their injuries regardless of whether they were part of the prior incarnations of the Victims' Compensation Fund or various class action lawsuits pertaining to the attacks. Our skilled attorneys can evaluate your claims and injuries to determine whether you are covered under the Zadroga Act, and then represent you before the Department of Justice in order to maximize your compensation

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Workers' Compensation

New York State law provides that almost all employers obtain and pay for Workers' Compensation insurance. Workers' Compensation entitles injured workers to full coverage of all related medical care, treatment for job-related illnesses and injuries.

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Workers' Compensation helps to provide partial wage replacement for temporary/permanent loss of earnings; and rehabilitation services and other benefits. Workers' Compensation also affords a variety of death and survivor(s)' benefits. To qualify for Workers' Compensation, the applicant must show that the disability was sustained "in the course of employment." With the laws and procedures that govern Worker's Compensation cases becoming ever more restrictive, it is becoming ever more important that working people avail themselves of seasoned and experienced Worker's Compensation attorneys who can help them navigate the system.  

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