Updates Regarding VA Benefits for Burn Pit Exposure

The legal team at understands that many veterans who have served overseas since the beginning of the Gulf War in 1990 are currently suffering from illnesses or disabilities that do not always come directly from combat injuries. Several former service members who were exposed to hazardous toxic waste are still living with the long-lasting health… Read More

Secure Your Wartime Veterans Pension

The VA Wartime Pension is a wonderful benefit that has the potential to provide support for countless veterans. Yet many people are not aware that the Pension is available to them. Others may have contacted the VA (or a VA representative such as the DAV or the VFW), who told them that they did not… Read More

Proposed Changes in Veterans’ Claims Evaluation

The VA is considering changes to its disability rating system for some conditions to update standards to comport with advances in medicine in such areas as mental health, respiratory conditions, ear nose and throat disorders, sleep apnea and tinnitus (among others). The changes are part of a larger effort started in 2017 to update the… Read More

Last Updated : May 10, 2022