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Are you a police officer working in the Bronx who has a disability as a result of mental strain or a physical injury that occurred on the job? Has the disability affected your ability to return to work or perform your same job duties? If so, you should receive whatever financial compensation your years of service and eligibility entitles you to receive. The Bronx disability attorneys at Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C. are the police officer advocates who will fight tirelessly for you to get it.

Our Bronx police officers face dangers on the job every day, whether in their patrol cars, pursuing a victim, confronting a vicious animal, or serving an arrest warrant. They knowingly and willingly put themselves in harm’s way to keep citizens of the Bronx safe. When you suffer from a work-induced physical or mental disability, you should not need to worry about going through the complex process of trying to get the financial compensation promised to you when you signed up for this dangerous work.

Whether you are eligible for temporary or lifetime benefits or have already filed a claim and been denied, give us a call at 516-496-0400. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve, and you can focus on your healing and recovery without additional worry and stress. At Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C., we’ll fight as hard for you as you do for us.

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    Do I Need an Attorney for My Bronx Police Disability Claim?

    Police Disability Claims Attorney In The BronxUnlike most New York state employees, many police officers from the Bronx are not eligible for Workers’ Compensation when they become injured or endure debilitating emotional stress on the job. The New York Police Department issues its own disability compensation benefits for injured police officers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that the Bronx police who pursue these claims on their own will automatically get them. That is where the experienced police disability claims attorneys at Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C. can help.

    Once you suffer an injury in your work as a Bronx police officer, you must file a report describing the events in great detail. The earlier you can do this after the incident, the better your accurate recollection of the events is likely to be. If you happen to be eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits, you must file a similar report within 30 days of the incident with the Workers’ Comp group. In some cases, a personal lawsuit may be an additional avenue to pursue compensation for your disabilities.

    If you are permanently incapacitated due to an on-the-job incident, you should be entitled to Accidental Disability Retirement or Ordinary Disability Retirement benefits. However, unlike Workers’ Compensation claims, if the insurance reviewers find that your negligence caused your disability, they may reject and deny your claim on that basis. Reviewers may also deny claims for timing issues, discrepancies in disability definitions, disagreement with the doctors’ disability ratings, or for incomplete information.

    At Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C., we don’t think it’s right or acceptable that you should get nothing in return for your dedicated public service as a police officer in the Bronx. We have been serving the Bronx for 40 years, and our founding members are still actively practicing and pursuing just compensation for our disabled Bronx police officers. Whether you are at the initial stages of pursuing your claim or have filed and been denied, we want to help.

    Common Causes of Disabilities Among Bronx Police Officers

    Police officers doing their job in the Bronx can suffer injuries while performing routine and necessary duties. Many are involved in accidents while out on patrol in police vehicles, particularly when engaging in high-risk activities, such as actively pursuing suspect vehicles. They commonly encounter violence, not just from suspects, but also when they attempt to break up fights among citizens, control crowds, or even when confronting a vicious animal.

    Officers who pursue suspects on foot often suffer falls on sidewalks or stairs or collide with other people and objects. Those who work in special units such as mounted units, harbor units, and strategic response groups face additional risks and injuries that can lead to temporary or permanent disabilities.

    A claim involving any of these situations may benefit from specific information in your filing documentation that can improve your chances of receiving a successful disability claim settlement. Don’t gamble with your financial future by trying to navigate this complex claims process yourself. The experienced police officer disability claims attorneys at Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C. offer the Bronx police officers a free consultation to go over your injuries and review the facts of your claim. It’s a no-risk process for our high-risk public servants, and you don’t owe us anything until we get you compensation.

    Common Types of Injuries Leading to Disabilities Among Bronx Police Officers

    In only the first quarter of 2021, 932 NYPD officers, both on- and off-duty, suffered physical injuries, with an additional three killed or shot. Several of our officers in the Bronx precincts are among these alarming statistics.

    Some serious injuries and conditions that can lead Bronx police officers to seek disability benefits include:

    • Wounds from gun violence
    • Injuries from violent attacks, such as internal organ injuries, cuts, bruises, sprains, and broken bones
    • Vehicle or foot pursuit injuries, ranging from muscle strains and broken bones to traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries
    • Injuries sustained in vehicular accidents, from burns to broken bones
    • Injuries that occur in the station house or at jails and detention centers
    • Mental disabilities such as post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Respiratory issues, burns, and other conditions that arise from coming into contact with toxic substances and hazardous materials
    • Injuries that occur due to defective equipment

    Don’t Wait – Call Today

    You don’t need to add financial stress and worry to the disabilities you received in the line of duty as a police officer in the Bronx. Once you talk to the experienced police disability claim legal team at Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C., you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders.

    Remember, it costs you nothing to call and arrange for a free consultation. You don’t pay us anything until we get you the justice and financial compensation for your mental or physical disability that you deserve. Call 516-496-0400 today.

    Last Updated : January 11, 2024
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