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If you are married to someone who receives Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you may wonder if you are eligible for spousal benefits. SSDI provides crucial financial support to disabled individuals who are unable to work due to a long-term disability. In some cases, the recipient’s spouse can also get benefits.

How Do Spousal Benefits Work for SSDI?

SSDI spousal benefits are designed to provide additional financial support to the spouses of disabled individuals who qualify for SSDI. To be eligible for spousal benefits, you have to be married to the disabled person and be at least 62, or you must be married to the disabled person and caring for a child of theirs who is under 16 or who has a disability.

The amount of your spousal benefit is determined by several factors, including your age and your spouse’s benefit amount. If you have reached full retirement age (which varies depending on the year you were born), you can receive up to 50% of your spouse’s SSDI benefit.

What Are the Benefits for the Wife of a Disabled Husband?

If your husband becomes disabled and qualifies for SSDI, you could be eligible for spousal benefits as his wife. To qualify, you must meet specific age and relationship requirements. Specifically, you must be at least 62 years old or caring for your spouse’s child under 16 or a disabled child who receives SSDI benefits on your husband’s record.

If you have reached full retirement age as a wife, you can receive up to 50% of your husband’s SSDI benefit amount. If your husband receives $2,000 per month in SSDI benefits, you may be eligible for a spousal benefit of up to $1,000. If you are caring for a qualifying child, you can receive spousal benefits regardless of your age.

However, it’s crucial to understand that you will receive the higher of the two amounts if you qualify for benefits through Social Security based on your work record. The Social Security Administration will calculate your benefit based on your work history and compare it to your potential spousal benefit.

Can My Wife Get Half of My Social Security Disability?

If you are the disabled spouse receiving SSDI benefits, your wife may be eligible for spousal benefits equal to up to 50% of your benefit amount. However, this only applies if your wife has reached full retirement age and is not entitled to a higher benefit based on her work record.

Understanding that spousal benefits do not reduce your SSDI benefit is essential. Your wife’s benefit is paid in addition to yours and does not affect the amount you receive. If you receive $1,800 per month in SSDI benefits and your wife qualifies for a spousal benefit of $900 per month, your total household income from SSDI would be $2,700 per month.

Social Security Disability Spousal Benefits Calculator

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To estimate your potential SSDI spousal benefit, you can use the Social Security Administration’s calculator, which is available online. This helpful tool allows you to input your spouse’s benefit amount, age, and other relevant information to determine your estimated spousal benefit.

However, it’s important to remember that the calculator only provides an estimate, and your benefit may differ based on your specific circumstances. Factors such as your work history, the age at which you claim benefits, and your spouse’s benefit amount can all impact your final spousal benefit.

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Last Updated : June 10, 2024
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