January 2021 Legal Report

By: Milan Rada, Esq. with John Hewson, Esq. All members should already be aware of the Medical Review procedure that exists to challenge a decision of the Department’s Police Surgeons on several issues. However, it is always important, especially at the beginning of a new year to remind you of the process. For starters, this… Read More

December 2020 Legal Report

By: Milan Rada, Esq. with John Hewson, Esq. As 2020 comes to a close, it goes without saying that we have all experienced some degree and level of hardship when it comes to COVID-19.  Unfortunately, some of us have known people or even loved ones that have been terribly sick or even passed away due… Read More

November 2020 Legal Report

There are topics that we repeatedly write about in the Legal Report, and there is a very good reason for this.  When we see many of the same mistakes or issues over and over again, it becomes apparent that these become the topics worth reminding the members about, so they can avoid these issues in… Read More

October 2020 Legal Report

To say that it has been a tough year on many fronts would be a total understatement.  From pandemics to protests to the general battles that members are always facing, 2020 will go down as probably the most trying year in most of our lives.  Coming in to any year, most people face the upcoming… Read More

September 2020 Legal Report

It has certainly been an interesting year to say the least.  Between a pandemic and societal upheaval, the world as we knew it was thrown for an entire loop through the better part of 2020.  However, with all that has gone on in this crazy year, the world of disability law has continued to flow… Read More

April 2020 Legal Report

Given the recent outbreak of COVID-19, there has understandably been a great deal of concern in the public regarding exposure and contracting the disease.  That is true for all members of society including public employees, as well as private sector workers such as those who work in our offices.  In general, governmental agencies, the media,… Read More

March 2020 Legal Report

LEGAL REPORT  By: Milan Rada, Esq. with John Hewson, Esq. The start and foundation for any viable disability claim is the initial event that causes an officer’s injury.  It is at that exact moment that the structure of the case is formed including whether the case will be a potential accidental disability retirement (3/4) claim,… Read More

February 2020 Legal Report

LEGAL REPORT By: Milan Rada, Esq. with John Hewson, Esq. As you are well aware, there are a number of disability benefits that exist to protect members of law enforcement when they experience a work related, line of duty injury.  However, one of the benefits that we typically discuss less frequently is the Social Security… Read More

January 2020 Legal Report

LEGAL REPORT By:  Milan Rada, Esq., and John Hewson, Esq. As we begin 2020, there are always a few things that we think are worth mentioning and  providing a few friendly reminders at the start of another happy and healthy New Year. So, we are using this month’s Legal Report to go over some of… Read More

December 2019 Legal Report

LEGAL REPORT By: Milan Rada, Esq., with John Hewson, Esq. The primary goal of the Legal Report is to educate the membership so that avoidable mistakes are not made when one of you is injured in the line of duty.  Of course, some mistakes aren’t entirely avoidable and not every case can be a three-quarter… Read More

Last Updated : December 29, 2021
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