Does My Insurance Help with a Disability Claim?

If you are seriously injured or diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition, it can be hard sorting through all your disability options. What do you qualify for? Will your insurance help with a disability claim? These are questions that people frequently ask but seldom get clear-cut answers to. The experienced disability attorneys with can help… Read More

How to Appeal an SSDI Denial 

It’s an unfortunate reality for many people seeking disability benefits: a large portion of Social Security Disability benefits claims are initially denied. The smallest mistake or failure to add even one piece of medical documentation can result in an application being rejected and benefits being denied. However, denial doesn’t have to be the end of… Read More

How Does Disability Affect My Taxes?

When people receive disability benefits, this question naturally comes up. People who are facing a disability may be making less than they have in the past, or they may be receiving more income than they did before. That can often be true in situations where someone receives a lump-sum disability payment. Disability can directly affect… Read More

What Not to Say on Your Disability Application

When you’re facing a disability, disability programs like Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, and your employer’s long-term disability (LTD) insurance plan can be beneficial. They could provide you with the income, support, and resources you need to pay your bills and move forward with your life. But to qualify for them, you’ll need… Read More

Does My Spouse’s Income Affect My Disabilities Claim?

When you’re facing a disability, income matters. It can help you cover important expenses and take care of day-to-day needs. That’s why the Social Security Administration offers programs such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). But these programs come with strict rules about how your income and your spouse’s income… Read More

Can Taking CBD Affect My Disabilities Claim?

CBD is a compound found in cannabis that may help people with a wide range of health concerns. It’s been used to help with anxiety, stress, and depression. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, it could even help reduce the side-effects of anti-seizure medications. It’s clear that CBD has many potential benefits, but research is still… Read More

September 2021 Legal Report

By: Milan Rada, Esq. with John Hewson, Esq. The Legal Report has often covered the requirements of obtaining a ¾ Accidental Disability Retirement pension versus a ½ Performance of Duty Disability pension. In order to qualify for either of these disability retirement benefits the applicant must prove he or she is permanently incapacitated for the… Read More

June 2021 Legal Report

By: Milan Rada, Esq. with John Hewson, Esq. It was our esteemed privilege to once again address the executive board, and the delegate and trustee bodies at the most recent educational seminar presented by the PBA. These opportunities are always fantastic for both us and the leadership body to have the chance to discuss the… Read More

May 2021 Legal Report

By: Milan Rada, Esq. with John Hewson, Esq. As the past year has taught us, we must remain ever vigilant in protecting ourselves from the uncertainties that the world possesses. In 2019, we never would have envisioned writing articles about protecting members from the dangers of a pandemic or dealing with the aftereffects of a… Read More

March 2021 Legal Report

By: Milan Rada, Esq. with John Hewson, Esq. Being an attorney carries responsibilities that can entail daunting tasks when you begin to factor in all the potential issues that can crop up in a particular case. Representing clients in disability cases such as the cases that we work on share many concerns. And to a… Read More

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